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Регистрация серийных номеров

Registration Benefits

The benefits of registering your Euroboor Magnetic Drilling Machine:

  • double warranty period
  • proof of purchase
  • registrated repair history
  • fast and professional service
  • up-to-date product information
  • get information about special offers

Euroboor Warranty

Euroboor stands for quality.
All Euroboor machines are carefully inspected and tested and must meet our strictest quality check requirements. Perfectly trusting the quality of its tools, Euroboor offers a standard six months’ manufacturer’s warranty for every machine. Euroboor issues the warranty by undoing malfunctions free of charge that clearly presented themselves in the warranty period and which follow from faulty material or a manufacturing error.

Extended Warranty
Registering your new ECO Euroboor machine entitles you to the free extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. The provisions for this extended warranty are included in the warranty terms.

Read our full Warranty Terms.

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